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Single Family Homes

JNM specializes in in-fill or new development of single family homes and subdivisions. We can provide all required site plans, natural resource inventories, grading plans, sediment control plans, forest conservation plans, stormwater management plans, and building permit site plans. Most of our offered services remain in-house. This allows us to control our schedule and deadline which helps to ensure we meet our clients expectations without including additional consultants and increased fees. We also guide plans through the regulatory review process for a quick and seamless review. We pride ourselves on quick approvals and a fast track to permits, just ask our clients.    

Natural Resources Inventories, Forest Conservation, Wetland Assessments, Roadside Tree Evaluation, and Arborist Reports. 

With the start of each new development project an environmental analysis must be provided to identify and locate any environmental features onsite that are regulated by local and state agencies. JNM provides these services, as required, for each development project. We also provide these services to many other engineering firms throughout Montgomery County, DC, Frederick County, and Prince Georges County. Our licensed professionals provide a detailed study, report, and plan in accordance with all regulatory agencies.

Floodplains, Drainage Problems, and Flooding Problems

With higher intensity storm events throughout Maryland we have helped many property owners resolve drainage and flooding concerns. For each of these projects, we provide a detailed site analysis and discuss the clients concerns to determine a suitable solution. We provide a detailed drainage improvements plan, drainage report, and associated recommendations. Our studies include pipe sizing, channel sizing and computations, inlet and gutter computations, and stormwater management. Each is designed and certified by a licensed professional civil engineer.   

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