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Please complete the information below if you are inquiring about a survey. Please note that we currently offer services throughout most of Maryland. A description of each service can be found below the survey request form.
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Order a Land Survey
Order a Deed or Plat in Maryland
Find My Property Deed and/or Record Plat

Deeds and record plats are utilized to describe the recorded limits/boundaries of properties as well as identify easements, covenants, restrictions, etc. on a specific property. They are typically prepared by licensed surveyors or attorneys and recorded through local jurisdictions. We can research your property and provide PDF's or hard copies of the most current recorded deeds and/or plat of your property. These can be utilized to locate where surveyors previously set your property corners or to help identify possible improvements that extend onto your property limits.  

Find My Property Corners (Not verified)

For most properties, property corners have been established through historical deeds and/or record plats. Property corners can be identified by natural features (trees, stones, etc.) or artificial features (steel pipes, posts, etc.). We can research your recorded property records and locate any remaining property corners where they were previously set. Please note that property corners are sometimes not present, destroyed, and/or incorrectly set so we can not guarantee to find all corners or the accuracy of found corners. This service is typically used as an affordable, first step attempt to identify where property corners were set by other surveyors which can be used to determine approximate boundary limits.

Location Drawing (Real Estate Transactions)

A location drawing is prepared by a licensed surveyor and illustrates property boundaries, property corners, and improvements to the property (structures, fencing, etc.). These drawings are typically used for real estate transactions to identify any obvious encroachments onto or off of a property. The accuracy of these drawings range from 1-foot to 2-foot and are generally not utilized for construction purposes. Some fencing companies and homeowners use these drawing for installing perimeter fencing but it is not typically advised unless the boundaries of your property have already been well defined. 

Boundary Survey

A boundary survey is a more detailed survey and is typically used to help settle land boundary disputes and/or establish the limits of property boundaries for construction purposes. Boundary surveys are not typically required for real estate transactions but some home buyers choose to have one for future reference, should they decide to make future improvements to their property or a dispute occurs between adjacent neighbors. These surveys typically include historical deed and record plat research, site reconnaissance (to located improvements, property corners, historical property corners, and applicable boundary evidence), locating and marking property corners, setting property corners that have been destroyed or removed, setting field stakes along property lines, and providing a detailed plan clearly identifying the property boundaries. 

Topographic Survey

A topographic survey is typically prepared to show existing improvements on a property, natural features, approximate utility locations, elevations, and grades. This survey is more detailed then a location drawing as it illustrates ground slopes (and elevations), approximate utility locations, tree locations, natural features, and all notable improvements on (and directly adjacent to) a property. These surveys are typically required/desired when designing for additions, structures, pools, and patios to avoid conflicts with utilities and drainage. In addition, most municipalities require a topographic survey, prepared by a licensed surveyor, prior to obtaining permits for certain site improvements.    

Written Descriptions

Written descriptions, prepared by a licensed surveyor, are typically required with certain land transactions or modifications.  These circumstances include land subdivisions, the creation or modification of easements or covenants, defining the limits and location of existing or proposed features on a property, or for other land related agreements. A written description is a legal document of record (once recorded) identifying the limits of (or extent of) a feature subject to the description. They are utilized to identify the specific location of a feature on a property for reference in the future. We typically prepare these documents for the creation of new lots, the creating of access easements, the creating of conservation areas, or for the creation of of utility easements.  The price for a written description typically ranges from $200.00 to $500.00 depending on the size and complexity.   

Field Stakeout

A field stakeout is provided to show the specific locations of proposed improvements on a property. This can include any proposed feature (ie: buildings, single family homes, additions, retaining and landscape walls, driveways, and limits of disturbances) as well as existing site features (ie: utilities, building restriction lines). These surveys are typically required and highly recommended to ensure any improvements meet county/town required setbacks and are constructed as designed. The price for field stakeouts vary depending on complexity. Rates are typically based on an hourly field crew rate of  $125.00/ hour for these services. 

Variance Exhibit

Variance exhibits are required by most jurisdictional authorities when a proposed improvement to a property does not meet a specific zoning requirement. A variance exhibit is prepared to show the existing site improvements, the property boundary, the proposed improvements, and the dimensions of the proposed improvement to the property lines. Additional information is typically provided based on the variance being applied for. The price for variance exhibits vary depending on the scope of the variance and the jurisdictional requirements.

Other Surveying Services

There are many other surveying services that we provide. Please complete the form above or call to discuss your project scope, schedule, and expectations.

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